Little Wood, our Pop-up Garden in Berlin

The space was always there, in the middle of Berlin, and many of us passed it every day: an unused plot of land on Invalidenstrasse at the corner of Ackerstrasse, a jungle of sorts that went unnoticed by most of us. At the sight of it, the Contemporary Food Lab had questions.

Today cities like Berlin are undergoing rapid transformations. Empty lots are being filled, buildings are being re-purposed and renovated. But where no construction is underway, nature, within a short period of time, gains the upper hand. Is it possible to reconcile such explosive urban development with urban nature? And how can these two relatively abstract concepts be brought to life for the public?

Questioning led to ideas, and these led to an experiment: Little Wood, a temporary garden in Mitte, the beating heart of Berlin. We planned to make the site accessible to the public in August 2014.

In cooperation with Graft Architects, the Department of Urban Plant Ecophysiology at Humboldt University Berlin and the artist, Kerim Seiler, we created garden installations and an interdisciplinary program including workshops, lectures, supper clubs and concerts.

Looking back we can say that Little Wood truly became a place of exchange, experimentation and sensory experience. Above all, we remember all the people, their individual experiences and the collective meaning they gave a forgotten fallow. The city may be changing – we’re filling it with ideas and life!

We would like to thank our partners and or terrific contributors and guests.

Thanks to Reframe for compiling the best moments.


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