Fusion in Berlin’s Nothaft and Seidel Café


When I walked along the Schönhauser Allee after work, passing the Nothaft and Seidel Café, I experienced a fantastic surprise. The Café was not closed as usual at this time of the day but was filled of a crowd of people. Luckily, I witnessed the opening of a series of events that from now on will take place every month.

The evening was dedicated to fusion. Art meets music meets food. Vernissage meets tasting meets book release meets party.

The young forum Fabrik der Kulturen (Factory of the Cultures) aims to link art, music and food and with this kicked at the open door of the Nothaft and Seidel Café. A dream team.

1157390_438656262934087_1989079067_nCornelia Kunze

The Café provides excellent Coffee and self made Cake and is much more than a Café. Temporary exhibitions decorate the walls, in one room, tomatoes are grown under a LED-Light of Bulbo, Bands and DJ’s play their sounds into the street at events. Nothaft and Seidel is a magnet for touripster and above all, a meeting point in the neighborhood. Nobody goes only one time to Nothaft.

Maybe you should go fuck yourself is the name of the presented book that speaks about the present Zeitgeist. At the walls you could find Cornelia Kunze, Johanna Tageda and Ryoko Uchida. DJ Gahshi was at the turn tables. The food was an artwork itself with highest concentration of fusion in every bite. Japan meets Europe in the palate.

Sushi + Cress

Chef Yuta Mizutani comes from Japan and learned already everywhere around the world. That is why he has a soft spot for fusion food. At Nothaft und Seidel, he rolls the sushis at the place where normally the banana bread is baked. The result is so beautiful that I hesitate to taste it but I get rewarded when I finally eat it. Interesting is above all the mix: The sushis are made with different kind of cress – that is the European influence. Subtle spiciness through cress instead of ginger. A success.


Cream Puffs + Matcha-Chocolate-Icing

The heavy cream puffs – dream or nightmare for northern European kids, appears tis night in an exotic combination. It gets a green icing from white chocolate, which is enriched by Japanese matcha tea. Matcha tea tastes umami, what means in Japanese something like full-bodied, fleshy. Japanese have five senses of taste. They can taste sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. Great, that now also we can enjoy five tastes!


Matcha Latte

The famous representative of the Berlin Prenzlauer Berg Lifestyle, Latte Macchiato goes wild. Tom Seidel, one of the owners of the Café, replaced coffee with Matcha Tea, practicing all day long to prepare the tea with a special bamboo broom. A foamy pleasure, very tasty, umami probably.

Next event is of Nothaft and Seidel and Fabrik der Kulturen is planned on Mai 4.


Text: Theresa Patzschke
Bilder: Cornelia Kunze, FdK


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