Food Court

Curated by Carson Chan

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, South Sudan, Syria and Tibet. Predominantly in the limelight for political turmoil, most of us know these countries solely from the news. In order to celebrate their cultures beyond crisis, we chose food, the centrepiece present every culture.

Food Court was the name of the one-night event, which we hosted in the context of Little Wood. Every country was represented by a native chef, who served summer receipes from his home country throughout the evening. Guests got the chance to converse with the chefs and experienced the meaning of the variety of dishes in society, as well as on various personal levels. It was a true celebration of cultures, food and diversity.

We would like to thank: Ali from Themroc (Iran), Sonam from Tibet Kitchen (Tibet), David Lange from Matreshka (Ukraine), Ahmet from Zweistrom (Iraq), Ofer from Djimalaya (Israel), Aga from Damas (Syrien) und Michael Khano and his family from Palestina.


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