Taste of Data

How do statistics taste?

Contemporary Food Lab was part of the Stadt Land Food Festival at Markthalle 9! For a panel discussion, we invited  Manuela Heider de Jansen (nutrition expert and therapist), Maurice Maggi (guerilla gardener und author), Dr. Wilfried Brommert (journalist and author), Joseph Taylor (Infam), Nikolaus von Veltheim (former executive board member at AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG)  und Veronica Veneziano (Food Assembly) in order to discuss the question: “How to feed the City”. As part of the event, Vesela Mihaylova encouraged us to experience data with all senses. Participants and audience tasted carrots and made their choice between organic, urban farming and industrial carrots – of course without knowing which one is which. Result: The urban farming carrot turned out as the star of the show. We marvelled at the visualisation of the results in form of cylinders (see below), and tasted the data mix as a carrot cocktail: The Taste of Data!

IMG_4825 IMG_4785 IMG_4763 IMG_4757 IMG_4750 IMG_4730 IMG_4710 IMG_4676 taste of data 1 IMG_4624


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