On Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers

An Opening

Everything began when Cookie came to Berlin in 1992. Soon, the 20-year-old opened his first bar: Biskuits. Because he still had to clean plates on the other days of the week, the bar was only open on Tuesdays. People ignored Cookies name choice – the Biskuits was called Tuesday Bar or simply Cookies. Cookie gave up and named his next bar Cookies Cocktailbar. He stuck to his guns, and he did just the right thing.

Portraits von Cookie (Heinz Gindullis) über seinem heute eröffnenden Restaurant Crackers.© Daniel Reiter

20 years, 7 relocations. On Tuesdays, one used to go to see Cookie at Cookies. At some point, one could go also on Thursdays, and soon also during the weekend. But always on Tuesday, that was for certain. Until 19th of July this year. Cookies closed his doors in order to re-open as Crackers. Tonight. On Tuesday. Obviously.

Last week, we got the chance to have a first glimpse. The doors were literally the same doors. The doors, in front of which one used to queue on so many Tuesdays. However, not our ears but our taste buds were pampered with delicacies on this day: Crackers is a restaurant.

Crackers Detailshots© Daniel Reiter

We are welcomed by turquoise kitchen tiles: To enter the Crackers, one goes through the kitchen. Then we are standing on the dance floor, which is not a dance floor anymore. Before one gets the chance to think that through, another one pops to mind: “Nice”.  We go to the bar, where the evening gets started with Cocktails at their best. We meet Cookie.

“Why a restaurant, Cookie?” “Because after 20 years, there comes a point where it’s enough. It’s simple: It used to be techno, and now it’s food. I think it’s nice!” But why yet another restaurant? After all, the Cookies Cream exists in the same building since 2007, just a few floors above.

“No, the Crackers is something completely different.” Much less than about the molecular kitchen, it is all about the evening itself – which one can also start and end at the bar. It is about meeting friends and enjoying time together. This doesn’t mean by far however, that the food fades from the spotlight. We move to one of the tables and start our culinary journey. When trying the starter, “Iceberg on a skewer”, we are completely flabbergasted. Iceberg salad, fried with Stilton and lime. Heavily against the trend, yet confidently stylish. Stephan Hentschel is the chef. He is now managing both, Cookies Cream and Crackers. We can expect a lot.

Crackers Detailshots© Daniel Reiter

Laura Rave’s and Jörg Schumann’s design cater for absolute wellbeing. The lightening oft the plates, the cushioning of the seats, the angle of the backrest, the length of the table legs – everything justified by Cookie personally. The neon-yellow table and chair legs are only yellow if one knows about it, and the screaming turquoise of the benches looks gentle in the light. It adjusts perfectly to the tiles in the kitchen.

Cookie is not only doing something right, but everything.

The name Crackers, as Cookie tells us, is the perfect match for the new place. Crackers are salty biscuits – but can also be interpreted as firecrackers. Furthermore it means, that everyone is a little “plem plem plem”.

We are curious to see how long the name is going to stay this time, and when people will start calling it Cookies again.

NaneCookieJanetSW-1024x706Cookie at Biskuits 1994


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