Hungry Minds:
Hendrik Haase

The food world of today is colourful. Hendrick Haase is even more colourful. He is a designer, an activist and a guerilla chef. Online he is simply called Wurstsack. His message: “Food is wicked.” However, it also is ”per se political”. Everyone eats three times a day. With the decisions we make three times a day, we can considerably influence the way our environment is designed. What an opportunity! In the name of “gastroposophic crisis management”, Hendrick Haase shows his engagement for the Slow Food YouthNetwork and acts as an ambassador for the North- Hessian Ahle Wurscht. He prefers stomping to techno music with Sauercrowd to holding podium discussions about sustainability. He inspires. In our pop- up garden Little Wood, where he was making sausages with his famous Wurstsack- machine, for example. 6 CFL- questions for Hendrick.


1. Who or what let you to your current job?

The freedom and trust my parents gave me.

The taste of my grandmother’s garden.

Many inspirational people I was privileged to meet in my life so far.

2. Who would you like to cook with, and why?

I would like to cook with the foods spurned by our society, which are mostly thrown in the bin. My kitchen ancillaries would be the CEO’s of Monsanto, McDonalds and Metro. Food will be served for grandmothers from Asia, Africa and Europe, with whom we will have a discussion about our culinary future afterwards.

3. Which restaurant would you choose to show your love to a person?

My very private dinner club, located over the rooftops of the city.

4. And what would be your choice, if you want to impress someone?

Depends a lot on who I want to impress. I think Norden would be a good choice.

5. Are we humans gardeners of a Garden of Eden, bacteria in a body or parasites on a dying host?

We are gardeners in a Garden of Eden, in which we need bacteria as well as parasites. Otherwise the host will die, as there won’t be anything to harvest.

6. If you had to choose: Would you rather cease to be or continue living as a plant or an animal for some time? If yes, which one?

I wouldn’t mind staying in form of a tree for a little longer. Preferably in a living community with some cool mushrooms and some squirrels. And, I want to be tall enough to see the animals, grazing on the lawn.


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