Dimly Lit Meals for One:
The Prawn


An ex-lover once cruelly compared Kevin’s sex organ to a prawn.

He ate them now only to feel a sense of superiority over the damnable crustacean, to prove that although he was not anatomically gifted he still possessed greater agency than a filthy creature that scraped the bottom of the sea.

To further disgrace his enemy he ate them with Kraft singles, a revolt against the perceived wisdom that fish and cheese was not a good combination.

Kevin cared not that the taste of his sandwich was similar to the one which had lingered in his mouth for days following the removal of his adult brace.

Nor was he concerned that his prawns had been sourced from a wedding buffet held at the budget hotel where he worked reception some six days previously.

His pockets had overflowed with purloined shrimp, the look of disappointment on the faces of the fat guests deprived of free seafood far sweeter than the frankly bland taste of his spoils.

The prawns were getting old, yet the threat of food poisoning was a faintly erotic thrill, like the ever present possibility of humiliation and rejection when presenting malformed genitalia to a sexual partner for the first time.

This story is the beginning of the very sad but very beautiful relationship between Contemporary Food Lab and Dimly Lit Meals For One. We are happy to announce a new series on the CFL Journal written by DLMFO writer/editor/producer Tom Kennedy.


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