Dimly Lit Meals for One:
The Brexit


Keith felt the first pangs of regret shortly after he left the polling station and walked past his favourite café – a quiet little place which served tuna sandwiches and reassuringly weak tea.

Inside stood lovely Agnieszka – who spread margarine on a floury bap, smiling a radiant smile at Ian from accounts while he recounted the events of Game of Thrones, a series she had never watched.

“Agnieszka. She’s Polish. What will become of Agnieszka if we win? Who will smile while I order my lunch and make small talk about whether it will rain like last week or be sunny like earlier in the month?

Not Janet, that other lady, she charges me extra for the tuna with the sweetcorn in it, and sighs like a deflated tyre when I talk about it getting cloudy out. ”

Keith’s mind raced all day. The fear of actually leaving stuck in his head like a popcorn kernel wedged between wisdom teeth. It crept into his dinner and made his microwave lasagne taste funny – almost as much as it had done the week he’d discovered they’d secretly been putting horsemeat in it.


Would they end up taking that away too?

Even the frozen kind with Grand National runners up inside, would it make the list of undesirable foodstuffs to be replaced forever by Toad in the Hole and a nameless sense of dread?

Keith shuddered.

No, no need to worry.

Keith knew it was only a protest vote. Nothing ever came of voting, no real harm done.

He was sure he and Agnieszka would laugh about it all tomorrow as she smiled conspiratorially and asked him if he wanted sweetcorn in his sandwich.

This story is part of the sad but beautiful relationship between Contemporary Food Lab and Dimly Lit Meals For One. We are happy to feature this ongoing series on the CFL Journal written by DLMFO writer, editor & producer Tom Kennedy.


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