Dimly Lit Meals for One:
The Wrinkles


Phil’s cheese had a wrinkle problem.

A definite wrinkle problem.

While not quite as strangely creased as the, frankly, horrifying scrotum he owned (which made intimacy a panic inducing prospect) it was still nowhere near as luxuriously smooth plastic cheese should be.

Phil wondered if it was his touch that was causing this sinister crinkling. Everything he loved that he touched withered away: his dear old nan, his cheese, his balls.

The sadness it caused him was so profound he couldn’t even find joy in the little things, like eating his Swedish style open face sandwiches off his favourite Power Rangers plate while watching repeats of Homes Under the Hammer.

Phil stared at the clock on his wall, wishing the hands would turn back time and iron out both his cheese and his ungainly nutsack.

Alas, they simply stood still.

This story is part of the sad but beautiful relationship between Contemporary Food Lab and Dimly Lit Meals For One. We are happy to feature this ongoing series on the CFL Journal written by DLMFO writer, editor & producer Tom Kennedy who gets inspired by gloomy food pictures from all over the world.


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