Dimly Lit Meals for One:
Merry Lukewarm Christmas


Ralph had spent his two weeks off over Christmas 2015 sitting in a lukewarm bath, drinking cream based cocktails, chain-eating cheese and crisp sandwiches.

After leaving the Christmas party early completely unnoticed on his last day in the office he’d been trying desperately to slow the pace of life to a complete standstill.

Ralph hoped against hope that if he remained comfortably drunk yet still quite bored he’d somehow freeze the cruel hands of the clock and avoid returning to the viper’s nest of passive aggression and low-level bullying that disguised itself as a third tier Property Management firm.

Sadly, like all his other great endeavours (riding a bike with no hands, French kissing) Ralph failed to stop Father Time forcing him back to work.

Two weeks of Brandy Alexanders and Wotsits had pushed his waist from an uncomfortable 33″ to a new-wardrobe-requiring record of 36″.

Ralph would have to forgo the carbs in favour of a strict new regime.

At night he’d feast on both the chicken and the egg.

This story is part of the sad but beautiful relationship between Contemporary Food Lab and Dimly Lit Meals For One. We are happy to feature this ongoing series on the CFL Journal written by DLMFO writer, editor & producer Tom Kennedy who gets inspired by gloomy food pictures from all over the world.


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