Season to Taste


Molly Birnbaum was a 22 year old food enthusiast, enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America, when she had a terrible car accident. Severe brain injuries made her loose her sense of smell and shattered her dreams of becoming a chef. But after recovering physically, Birnbaums nose suddenly started to show signs of life again. The smell of fresh rosemary was the first scent she rediscovered.

Determined to win back such mouth-watering aromas as cake coming from the oven or freshly brewed coffee, Birnbaum entered on a fascinating journey: Discovering the nature of smell. In her book, Season to Taste, she talks to neurologists, flavor inventors, chefs and many others. She invites the reader to accompany her on her gradual rediscovery of the scented world and thereby learn a lot about the world we are living in.


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