The Art of Fermentation

AOF cover

Fermentation is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. The ancient technique, which enables food to remain stable without refrigeration, is making a come back. One of its main champions, the ‘fermentation revivalist’ Sandor Katz has compiled a fermentation bible to make the process accessible to all. The Art of Fermentation provides readers with a comprehensive do-it-yourself guide full of history, recipes, and in-depth insights to promote a greater understanding of chemical processes as well as fermentation’s numerous health benefits. As fermented food requires less cooking time due to pre-digestion by live lactic-acid-producing bacteria, they are a highly nutritious and health supporting pleasure, especially beneficial for the digestion and the immune system. Detailed information on making sauerkraut, kvass, yogurt, kimchi, sourdough, miso, kombucha, and beer make the guide practical and inspirational.



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