Going MAD – a Danish Initiative for Food Discussion


„What is Cooking?“ is the simple motto of this year’s MAD Symposium. MAD – Danish for “food” – is a community of chefs and farmers coming together to reflect on their work and develop new paths. The non-profit organization is built around the symposium by the same name, held annually in Copenhagen. It brings together 600 participants from around the world, which are interested in improving the gastronomic trade. In looking at the past, questioning developments and thinking about the future, MAD sets significant impulses for the discussion around food.


On a more frequent basis, Copenhagen’s regular Mad Mondays serve as a platform for local communities, to exchange and build stronger connections. Last week, the first Mad Monday abroad, was held in New York City: „What we talk about when we talk about being a chef.“ The subtle call for redefinitions in both headlines shows the need and the importance of the debate.

Who knows, maybe one day MAD will also come to your city. Until then, you can watch the informative, charming and passioned talks online, for free.



Images: madfood.co


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