The Forgotten Skills of Cooking

Darina Allen, Ireland’s most famous TV chef and proponent of local and seasonal products, has created a comprehensive book called The Forgotten Skills of Cooking. As a collection of traditional recipes and cooking techniques for forgotten vegetables and old herbs, the 600-page book provides loads of helpful information for self-supply, especially useful for those with farms and gardens. She writes about hunting and gathering, churning butter, fishing, planting, drying, pickling, smoking, and plucking chickens. In addition to recipes for typically British-style roasts and stews, Allen also includes traditional dishes for the poor, such as roasted bone marrow with wild herb salad or sea fennel from the coast with melted butter. Decorated with idyllic images of rustic silver cutlery and trees full of fruits, her reference guide is capable of arousing the desire of urbanites to move to the countryside or at least trying one of her herb hiking tours.



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