Until the last Crumb


In her cookbook, Bis zum letzten Krümel [Until the Last Crumb], author Camille Antoine treats the subject of food waste from a culinary perspective. She collects 30 of her most creative recipes, all based around one main ingredient: bread leftovers. We learn that the toast, baguette or brioche of yesterday can be used to create magic. Pain perdu, for example, a traditional specialty from France, the home country of Antoine, means “lost bread.” To prevent anything from getting lost, old slices of bread are baked in milk and egg to be enjoyed days later. The German version of the recipe, known as Armer Ritter [poor knight], is also featured in the book. One can get a bit more experimental with bread pudding. Bread, we learn, can also be served in more hearty variations, as shown by recipes for meat loaf, bread salad, and cheddar-beer-salad. One thing is certain: as long as you have this book at home, there won’t be any bread leftovers.

Image: thorbecke.de


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