Raya, The Feast of Breaking the Fast of Ramadan

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To forgive and to be thankful. That’s the purpose of Raya, the Feast of Breaking the Fast. Raya takes place in the month of Shawwal, which follows the month of Ramadan in the lunar Islamic calendar. Friends and families visit each other’s houses and aim to be good hosts and good guests. Together they pray for forgiveness. Doors are open, only new clothes are worn and kids get the raya angpow money. At the centre of Raya, however, is the food. Malaysians are breaking the fast with traditional dishes. Time stands still for one week and life circles around the kitchen and the dining table. Clara Cortes was in Kuantan in Malaysia during Raya. She visited the houses of three friends.

Alif is a skateboarder with a skateshop. His father is the director of the municipal council and his mother is teaching at the elementary school.

Faa is a baker. Her father is a chief of department in the police.

Zoul is a skateboarder who works in an office as consultant in Kuala Lumpur. He visited his five siblings and his mother in Kuantan for celebrating Raya.


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All pictures by Clara Cortes Garcia


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