Friends with Superfoods

There is a creature amongst us, which has the name of a friendly animal, but which truly is a monster once it enters the personal circles of one’s life. Moreover, it seems to be an epidemic infestation whose only goal is to rot away humanity.

This is not an article about cancer. Nor about food. It’s about love and about friendship. It’s also about food and cancer but more about the other things.


Someone really close to me is sick and loving this person I want this person to be healed and simply to feel good. I am sure many have been there. We tried to convince him to change his diet when the illness started but the thing about changing diet is that this always involves making sacrifices. It is also about enjoying less and as a consequence, to not feel good. When it comes to cancer, it is known to be very effective to forgo any kind of white sugar or flour because these things nourish the cancer. But explain to a sweet tooth who was born during the war and went hungry for years in his early life to stop eating everything that had previously represented a wealthy happy life free of the worries of basic survival: pastry, pasta, sugar in the coffee, white bread with a lot of butter…

I was not into superfoods at all but I think I am cured this afternoon. And here is where the friendship enters the story. I told my friend about the creature having entered my life and she made me come to her place just the day after. And then she was so amazing. Such an amazing friend.

This is what she did: she was soaking nuts in water overnight, almonds and sesame. And when I arrived at her place, there was everything on her kitchen table. Moringa, graviola, wheatgrass, weed drops, glasses with nuts in water, differents sprouts, spices, coconut oil, rose water, a kit to grow wheatgrass, and her cat. She then gave me a course about how to make different things and why. Her very individual mix of pragmatism, obsession and love was touching me while I stayed focused because it was necessary for the purpose of our meeting.


“So, is he also losing weight?”, she began. And: “I thought so” when I nodded. The purpose of our meeting was to make different nut milks. But what really happened was something akin to an initiation. Her stepfather had cancer too and although she didn’t cure him with her food treasures she made him feel better and made him strong despite illness. One of her friend’s father did in fact get cured through a similar diet. My friend shared a recipe with me but that’s not all she did because in every movement she made during the preparation one could see the tenderness she had towards her stepfather, the grief that he was not here anymore, the joy of having made him enjoy and the strength of having helped him. And it was with the warmest generosity that she was handing over those procedures of hope and love to me. But there was something more to it: she showed me that I am not alone. That she fully understands. Somehow, through stories of recovery in other cases, she made me enter a whole community of people who understand my situation and who chose the same way of fighting and dealing with it. People who now I too could understand. I was initiated.

“Listen. Nobody has the right to tell you, that you’ll die.” She is damn right.


The Recipe: Nut Milk

Basic ingredients:

  • Nuts (cashew or almonds, also sesame will do)
  • Dates or honey
  • Salt

Important additions to choose from:

  • Moringa
  • Moringa + Cherimoya
  • Moringa + Cherimoya + Cardamon
  • Moringa + Coconut + Rose Water + Cardamon + Cinnamon
  • Moringa + Coconut + Mangos
  • Moringa + Coconut + Mangos + GINGER + TURMERIC + Black Pepper
  • Turmeric + Black Pepper + Cinnamon
  • Turmeric + Black Pepper + Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Cardamom + Rose Water
  • Turmeric + Black Pepper + Cinnamon + Nutmeg + Rose Water + Coconut
  • Turmeric + Black Pepper + Cherimoya + Coconut
  • Turmeric + Black Pepper + Mangos + Coconut

Preparation: For the basic nut milk let nuts soak in water 6 to 8 hours before using them. Then strain off water. Nuts will be bigger than in their normal state. Put the nuts in a blender and add 1 to 1 water. Blend until you have a white smooth milk-like liquid. Pour out the ‘milk’ back in jar through a net (picture). Like this, liquid will be sieved and more pleasant to swallow. This is your basic nut milk.



Now you can play with smaller amounts of the milk to charge them with different flavors and contents. Pour the amount you wish to have into the blender again. Add dates/honey and salt to taste. Then experiment with all the options above and more.


We chose moringa based and turmeric based milks because moringa has amazingly numerous positive effects in general and especially against cancer. And turmeric is proven to be effective against inflammation. Note that turmeric can best enter your body when combined with black pepper.

All of the other listed ingredients have their own benefits (especially cherimoya!) but what they all have in common is that they are alkaline or neutral, which is great because cancer loves acidic environments.

Now, there are still remaining many questions open in this article and also for me, personally. Can a food be super? How super must it be to be actually able to heal a tumor? A sick body? What else must be taken into account? Isn’t it too much to learn in a whole lifespan? Especially if there is a little bit of uncertainty involved and too many opinions about what’s right and what’s not…

I believe in nut milk because I believe my friend. And she initiated me. But I also believe in nut milk because of some very practical reasons. It tastes good, extremely good! It is absolutely no sacrifice to drink it. It’s very rich and makes you keep your weight or even gain some (which can be a problem for cancer patients). It makes you full. It satisfies you – maybe even enough to make it easier to make sacrifices elsewhere. Or, at least, it can fill somebody up to a level where he is not even keen on white bread and pastry anymore because he is not hungry.

My father will travel to India on Sunday and stay for at least two months. I’ll initiate him today. We will try out what tastes good to him. And then I’ll make him a little booklet where I write down all the things that are good for him and that he likes. All the fruits in India and the spices… Also I started packing a little kit with moringa powder, wheatgrass powder, rooibos tea, weed drops and some other things to which  my friend initiated me and which of those I am not sure of how to get in India.

I think he will enjoy himself.

Thank you my dear friend!


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