Ms Ines Lauber

Culinary Designer

A strong passion for art and craft, for materials and shapes made me choose to study product design in 2005. From the beginning, human senses have played a fundamental role in my creative work: touching and feeling, seeing and exploring, smelling, tasting and hearing. As a designer, I consider food my creative material of choice to express and realize my ideas. I’m particularly interested in the diversity of cuisines found around the world: the histories, traditions, preparation, rules of etiquette, myths, and possibilities which surround food culture.

Food became the focus of my interest, primarily because it is often treated as a trivial part of everyday life; people easily forget its value and significance. Through creative design, I aim to call connections, facts, and the everyday into question, as well as to advocate for increased environmental sustainability and improved, conscious approaches to food. It is important to me to bring people together, allowing them to become active participants, to stimulate communication, and to awaken emotion. Food is the substance to which the human being has the closest connection: eating is a daily and persistent need.

I design and realize room installations and dinner events as well as receptions and meetings. I create Pop-up restaurants and bars, give workshops, and arrange performances and guerilla-actions. Designing tableware and props is another component of my work. Additionally, I consult and experiment for or in collaboration with both small and large food companies, restaurants, and hotels.

Sustainability is fundamental to my work, I only use foods of the best quality. Since 2013, I have been a member of the Slow Food Movement in Berlin.