mr MonSieurAndreS

Multi-disciplinary pro world foodie & chef

I was born in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, left home at the age of 17 for a never-ending voyage that started by attending a 4 year International Marketing program in an uptight christian university in United States, ran away on a 42 hours greyhound bus heading to New York without attending graduation, for some reason i spent the following year working in restaurants and learning how to make cocktails.

Suddenly i started working in project management & marketing for a big american corporation until i realized i was seriously clocking sitting in front of a computer for 12+ hours and traveling for work with no purpose or interest, left behind what seemed a promising career to buy a cheap plane ticket, to what i thought at a time, was the most unheard of country, that’s how i ended up living 3 months in Romania, this first experience took me to an exciting 22 months around the world voyage, visiting 3 continents & 12 countries, tasting lots of new food, herbs & spices, learning permaculture in organic farms, planting trees in the north of Australia, learning thai-yoga massage in a nomad hill-tribe in the north of Thailand, etc.

Right after this incredible experience, i decided i wanted to learn how to cook properly, that’s why i went to Buenos Aires, Argentina, got enroll in a french school then spent another year learning & cooking. This was my first professional interaction with cooking, pastry, bread-making & chocolate.

Later on, i decided to gain some serious experience, so i settled down in Paris, France to pursue most of cooks’ ghost. Worked & learned the hard way by joining high-end restaurants such as Senderens, Chanmarre Montmartre, Antoine Western-man, Hotel Raphael, etc. After few years in the kitchen, i went to L’ecole de gastronomie francaise FERRANDI where i specialized in french pastry.

During all these years I’ve had the opportunity to do few gastronomical trips, learned & documented local food & culture in different countries such as: India, Japan & several countries in South America.

2015 has been so far the year of freedom, i got out of the normal cook’s circuit (working in restaurants & hotels) to create some space for new things to be born. This is how i ended up doing different freelance projects such as:

- Working with a culinary stylist & photographer in the making of culinary books
- Becoming a English-French-Spanish translator & chef’s assistant at Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris.
- Launching a 2 month pop-up in a modern art gallery, etc.

I am looking forward to share my passion with a group of people that feel the same way. I spend at least 3 months per year, normally between December – March traveling in different countries, i would love to be part of a project where i could:

- organize culinary expeditions
- do collaborations & pop-ups
- Interview, write & create short-films about chefs, foodies, food activists, locals, farmers to understand one country’s specific history, ingredients & culture.