Terms of use


Contemporary Food Lab (hereafter referred to as CFL) provides a forum for public discussion (hereafter “CFL blog” or “blog”) for internet users (hereafter “users”) in the CFL community on the website, www.contemporaryfoodlab.com (hereafter “website”). The site is for the exchange of ideas and information. It offers users the opportunity to discuss various subjects and to exchange opinions. Every user is responsible for the contributions (hereafter “posts”) they publish. They must comply with these terms of use (hereafter “terms of use”). Access to the CFL blog provided by the website is possible only if the user has accepted the terms of use below. Publishing any post on the CFL blog assumes recognition of these conditions.

The terms of use below can be altered by CFL at any time without prior notification to the user. Regular review of the current version is thus recommended.

Access and Registration

For the use of the CFL blog, registration with an e-mail address and user name in the CFL community is necessary in order to make comments. Every user is obliged to provide truthful information in order to enable establishing contact if necessary. The registered user is obligated to inform CFL promptly of any possible changes to his/her contact information (e-mail address) by sending an e-mail to support@CFL.com. Posts shall be marked with the registered user’s user name. They are thus identifiable for other users as expressions of personal opinion. Registered users are obliged to inform support@CFL.com promptly in the case of ascertained misuse of their user name.

User Obligations
Each user is solely responsible for the content he/she publishes on the CFL blog. This applies specifically to:

intentional or unintentional violations of applicable legal regulations on the local, regional, national or international level, in particular the violation of any privacy rights, the right to the protection of intellectual property, press rights, patent rights, trademark protection, as well as rights regarding one’s own image; applicable legal regulations on the avoidance of deception in information media; the rules of public order, in particular regulations regarding the prohibition on disseminating pornographic or pedophiliac content; the regulations on the protection of minors;

The following shall be prohibited:

the misuse of user identity by imitating another natural or legal person;
the witting dissemination of untrue information, even without the willful intent of harming third parties;
posting content, publishing contributions and sending e-mails the user is not legally authorized to transmit;
offending other CFL blog users and the use of hateful, abusive or vulgar language (also in the form of symbols or other characters);
personal attacks on the basis of race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual preference, political or philosophical views, union membership, profession, handicap or other differences of any kind;
the dissemination of information irrelevant to the purpose of the CFL blog forum, the dissemination of the same information in an excessive amount of forums as well as publishing questions that are superfluous or have already been answered on a relevant CFL blog;
posting content, publishing contributions and sending e-mails that are confidential in nature;
posting content, publishing contributions and sending e-mails that contain viruses, computer worms or Trojans;
any harassment of other users whatsoever;
advertisements for or information about illegal, violent or violence-inciting activity against individuals or groups of people;
offering products or services for purchase (merchandize) that are illegal or for which the registered user is not in full possession of the necessary rights that would allow him/her to offer or sell these;
deploying advertisements for brands, products or services without prior permission from CFL;
behavior that can harm CFL’s image and/or reputation;
slanderous posts;

The user is obligated

to inform CFL promptly of any objectionable content to his/her knowledge;
to comply with every request for information on the part of CFL in cases of dispute.
Every user is prohibited from including any hyperlinks in his/her posts referring to websites that violate these terms of use.
Every user is prohibited from reproducing and/or disseminating posts published on the CFL blog on media of all kinds without prior permission from CFL and/or the registered user who created the post and/or content concerned on the CFL blog.

Moderation of Posts

Posts published on the CFL blog shall be examined for adherence to the terms of use and modified or erased if deemed necessary.

CFL reserves the right to erase, partly or entirely, posts that violate these terms of use. The user shall be further entitled to request that the accountable CFL moderators modify and/or remove posts created by them. To do so, the title, date of publication and the user name associated with the post as well as the URL are required. Furthermore, upon violation of these guidelines, CFL shall be able to delete the user account without prior notice.

Protection of Intellectual Property

All content rendered on the CFL blog, specifically texts, illustrations, sound and image data as well as video stills or sequences are protected worldwide by copyright.

Every user of the CFL blog is obliged to protect the intellectual property rights of other users. Posts published on the CFL blog may not be reproduced or disseminated in other forums or media without prior permission of the registered user who authored the post concerned. Every user, however, shall be entitled to copy content on the CFL blog for personal use or to reproduce and disseminate posts in the form of short extracts for informational or research purposes. In this case the name of the forum and/or blog, the website and user who authored the reproduced and disseminated post shall be specified.

He/She who creates a post on the CFL blog explicitly and without remuneration relinquishes all associated intellectual property rights to CFL for its unrestricted, worldwide use on the CFL website for a period of 5 years. CFL reserves the right to publish, modify, adapt or translate such data on the website into other languages, make them further available online or delete them at any time at its own discretion without informing the user from whom they originate.

Liability and Legal Guarantee

The user shall guarantee CFL that he/she is in possession of the necessary rights to publish and/or make available the posts he/she creates on the CFL blog.

The user shall expressly recognize and accept that he/she is solely responsible for all posts and/or data he/she publishes on the CFL blog and shall hold CFL harmless in any claims concerning this matter.

It is taken as explicitly agreed that CFL can in no way be made liable for damages caused to users and/or third parties due to

non-availability or malfunction of the CFL blog resulting from any cause;
the loss of selected data;
the consequences of viruses, computer worms or Trojans;
cases of extreme violence.
CFL further denies any liability for disadvantages potentially suffered by users and/or third parties due to accessing the CFL blog.

Every user is responsible for the validity of the hyperlinks included in his/her posts as well as the content and products presented on linked sites, which, too, must comply with these terms of use.

CFL denies any liability claims in connection with the deletion or modification of posts and/or data published on the CFL blog.

Right to Revision
CFL reserves the right to change or disable access to the CFL blog at any time, partly or entirely, short-term, intermittently or long-term without prior notification.

The users agree that CFL shall assume liability neither towards them nor third parties for the alteration, termination or interruption of the provision of the CFL blog.

Declaration of Consent
Every user hereby declares having acknowledged these terms of use before publishing a post on the CFL blog and agrees to comply with them. By publishing a post and/or data on the CFL blog these terms of use are recognized.

Applicable Law – Place of Jurisdiction
These terms of use are subject to German law; the place of jurisdiction is Berlin.